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Turkey of the year(s)!

Member, John Childs, tells us about how he got into diving, and his multi-award winning career!

I qualified in 2017, the next thing was to learn to dive. Every year I achieve my clubs “Turkey of the year” – this is for diving "incidents" (that do not have a major safety concern). Year 2018 – Purchased a New DSMB, took to pub with a 15l cylinder to meet my club to find out how to use it. After the training, I was “playing” at inflating the DSMB when it shot off in the wrong direction. Took four pints of beer with it with one going all over the chairman

Year 2019 – Boat exit – we were videoed exiting Channel Divers boat with giant stride in to the sea. I did a hop skip and jump. [And a face-plant - Ed]

Year 2020 – Completed a Rescue dive course – the trainers were building up to expect anything. I got confused and I rescued the safety diver, then my group again got confused and I rescued a passing diver. She looked very confused at be being rescued when there was nothing wrong. (In my defense, she could have been a bit more active).

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